My 1965 Crew Cab F250 Pickup

Links for Pictures

Original Pictures (After I first got the truck)

Clean Up and Paint Test Engine and Frame  

Here are my plans for the crew....


1. Blast and Powder coat frame, axles and front suspension parts. Keeping the 3/4 Ton suspension. Never had before but could always change later down the road.


2. Upgrade to front disc, hydro booster, power steering and upgrade rear drums to bigger drums from the 77 parts truck.

3. Maybe do a tilt Colum in it. Question

4. Paint it a Blue and white. Kind of like this truck - Not for sure what color blue maybe a medium metallic or something like that.

5. Bronco II Fuel Tank

6. Power windows and locks (already have the power lock set)

7. Motor will be a 351 FI and AOD tranny.   The Motor still needs to be tested.  The tranny will need to be rebuild.

8. I have a Style Side bed already for it just need to paint and rhino the bed. Plus install the fuel door in the side.

9. The Big Ranch Hand style bumpers on rear and maybe something like that for the front.

10. Upgrade to bucket seat for front and keep bench in back or maybe just keep both benches.

11. Build a console for a MP3 player radio (will leave the dash alone and un cut). Will try and make it a over head console type of setup. Heck may even throw in a DVD player and screen for kids to watch on trip to SS4.

But right now theses are my plans...